Curriculum Intent

“The whole purpose of religion is to facilitate love and compassion, patience, tolerance, humility and forgiveness” Dalai Lama

At Grace, we believe that it is Religious Studies that can also promote these virtues, and encourages students to respect the wider world around them, as well as give them the skills they need to become good human beings in line with our school ethos and values.

Religious Studies is a compulsory subject for all students’ right through to GCSE. This is to reflect the need of tolerant, informed and respectful students entering the diverse workplace.

We cover a wide range of topics throughout the five compulsory years which are developed in Sixth Form. This spectrum allows students to justify their own opinions on controversial topics, as well as consider opposing views.

The current curriculum is designed to facilitate study at KS5. A systematic approach to the curriculum ensures that we are building upon knowledge throughout their time at Grace Academy to prepare them for further education.

Our curriculum is designed to sit alongside our RSE curriculum. This provides the students with an opportunity to develop their cultural capital. In addition to supporting RSE, Religious Studies collaborates strongly with the Academy’s Ethos Team to produce BHR Days and Values Days to promote personal development for our students.


Year 7 RE – Critical Content
Year 8 RE – Critical Content