Curriculum Intent

At Grace Academy Coventry, the science department delivers a carefully considered knowledge-led curriculum aiming to instil scientific understanding above and beyond the requirements of the GCSE specification.

In years 7 and 8, students will be taught the key over-arching concepts that will enable them to access and appreciate the higher-level content of the GCSE specification in great detail. In years 9, 10 and 11 students will apply their strong background knowledge to every aspect of their GCSE studies, making and appreciating the links between topics and concepts throughout the three scientific disciplines.

In Biology students develop their understanding of the living world, studying their own bodies as well as the environment they are part of. In Chemistry we have designed a curriculum which will enable students to explain the interactions between matter and energy and the way in which humans process and use the Earth’s resources. Within the discipline of Physics pupils will study the fundamental laws that govern our Universe, linking these to their own experiences.

Through our curriculum students will be encouraged to be critical thinkers, applying their knowledge of the laws of science to established theories and modern discoveries. Students are required to make and test hypotheses and provide evidence for the conclusions they make. They are taught to analyse, evaluate and solve problems, skills which they can apply to whichever career they pursue.

Incorporated into the curriculum is an emphasis on the social, moral and cultural aspects of each topic. We believe the knowledge and skills taught within our curriculum will enable students to make informed decisions both for themselves and as members of society throughout their lives.

All students will experience lessons with a high level of challenge, supported by expert teaching staff who have the unfaltering belief that all students can attain and achieve. Repetition and retrieval are crucial to committing knowledge to students’ long term memory and in science we are using frequent low-stakes quizzing to achieve this. We believe that when students have a secure knowledge of the curriculum content they will develop into enthusiastic learners and will increase their understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

Curriculum Map

Science 5 year Curriculum Map


Year 7 – Science Critical Content
Year 8 – Science Critical Content
Year 9 – Science Critical Content
Year 10 – Science Critical Content
Year 11 – Combined Science Critical Content
Year 11 – Triple Science Critical Content